French Riviera: the right choise

After the failure of Lehman Brothers in 2008 in various real estate markets burst the speculative bubble, bringing a strong contraction in sales and the drop in prices that unfortunately all know well. On the French Riviera and in Provence did not happen. Indeed the real estate market of the French Riviera and Provence is among the most solid in the world. Here real estate offer was never excessive, properties are often placed in wonderful positions, and the question is always supported and very differentiated from most of the world. They buy the house on the French Riviera and in Provence is the French north who come here on holiday or planning their retirement years, that many inhabitants of northern Europe and Americans. Many Russians and Arabs today looking for home on the French Riviera and in Provence, invited by the mild climate, the beauty of the area and the security of the investment. Will be Chinese and Indians; generally where you create new wealth it comes also dream of buying a home in one of the most beautiful and safest in the world, the French Riviera and Provence. A question so important and coming from countries as diverse implies stable prices even in times of crisis, and ensures the revaluation of prices over time. Buying houses on French Riviera or in Provence can achieve two objectives often distant from each other: on the one hand leads us to live in a place of extraordinary beauty, but it also ensures a safe investment and easily salable. The quality of life in this corner of paradise is incomparable to the beautiful character of places, the mild climate and security of life. Last but not least, French interest rates are very low, and this factor also makes the investment more convenient.

You can summarize that buy home on the French Riviera and in Provence brings us:

very interesting purchase price

places of natural beauty outstanding

financial costs of mortgages more interesting

high-income lease

constant property revaluation

easy reselling

A real estate purchase, even if done on the wave of enthusiasm or creating a dream, it must always be considered also as an investment. Today more than ever to invest well its assets is essential. From this point of view, an investment in the French Riviera and in Provence guarantees a high resale value. If you seek an investment with high profitability, the rent to tourists in this area guarantees respectable yields.